Late Renewal of Membership 21/22

Select the option showing your current membership level NOT the option under 'REGISTER'. The 'REGISTER' option is for new memberships.

If you choose to use the 'direct deposit' option when registering you will need to transfer the required funds to the SMASA bank account below. Your membership will be in a pending state until we receive the funds then will be approved (can take 1-2 days depending on the bank)

Acct Name: Street Machine Association (SMASA won’t work)

BSB- 325185  Acct No- 03668436,

Reference is your Member Number and/or Full Name.

You must also choose the option of the late fee which is $50. All late fees will be donated to charity. This is being applied due to the additional effort required to process renewals once the Department of Infrastructure and Transport has been notified. There have been many opportunities to renew since 31 May 2021. Your membership will not be renewed until the membership fee and late fee have been paid.

New Membership

Select the 'REGISTER' option below. SMASA offers Individual membership (your car is registered in your name only) and Joint membership (your car is registered in yours and someone else's name). Membership is offered for 1, 2 or 3 years at a flat price per year including all cars you own. You can pay via credit card (payment gateway: this is instant, and your membership will generally be approved within 24 hours once we confirm all required details have been entered) or direct deposit to the SMASA bank account below (this is dependent on when the funds are received in our bank account and generally takes 1-3 days including membership approval once we confirm all required details have been entered). Once your membership is approved you will be advised via email on how to complete your registration and obtain your car log books (via a SMASA Registration Officer or at our Marleston office). The USERNAME must be YOUR DRIVER'S LICENCE NUMBER! if you do not use the licence number it will take considerably longer to obtain your membership as we will need to contact you and amend it; MEMBERSHIPS WILL NOT BE APPROVED UNLESS THE USERNAME IS ENTERED CORRECTLY.

DO NOT choose the option of the late fee of $50, this only applies to 2021-22 late renewals for existing members.

Acct Name: Street Machine Association (SMASA won’t work)

BSB- 325185  Acct No- 03668436

Reference is your Full Name.


  • you can not drive your vehicle on Club Registration until your membership has been approved AND you have your logbook(s) AND you have transferred your car registration to Club Registration with Services SA
  • your USERNAME you enter on the next screen MUST be your DRIVER'S LICENCE number
  • for legal reasons your FIRST and LASTNAME must be as per your registration papers (no nicknames)

Country Members

If you live more than 60km from the CBD and wanting to join follow the instructions above then contact us via email at and we will advise how to obtain your log book(s).

Affiliate Clubs

For Affiliate Club membership please contact us at and we will provide details on how to join.


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